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      Haven't been to Yan's for years but we were in Delmar so I decided to go with my 6 yr old granddaughter. She liked the sweet sour chicken pieces and the chicken wings very much as well as the ice cream and jello. She didn't...More

    thumb Rrose411

      Ate at this buffet in a small strip mall in Delmar. The range of items was small and relatively unexciting. In fact, somewhat pedestrian. Due to the fact that the buffet was certainly small I would say eat here only if your really hard pressed...More

    thumb Edward2651

      I love the "real" Chinese place in Latham and the wine bar in North Creek is a fav. We often eat at "foodie" places. But, maybe once a year I get a yen (ha ha) for the old fashioned buffet. This is a small buffet...More

    thumb Marktheshark027

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